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Akkupojat Oy is a battery import and marketing company founded in 1961, whose products are trusted from households to large industries across the country. Our stores serve all battery-related needs. You can find our stores in Espoo, Helsinki, Pori, Tampere (Lielahti and Ratina), and Turku. Our main warehouse is located in Pori.

Expertise and products from the best manufacturers

Akkupojat began as a family business in Pori in 1961 and has steadily grown since then. Stores were opened across Finland, and a pivotal moment for the business was in the 1970s when battery imports were initiated.

Many of our battery products are our own imports and are readily available in stock. We provide power for on the road, on the water, in tools, and in industrial applications. In our stores, you can have your batteries checked for free, and our services also include winter storage for batteries and recycling of old batteries. Some of the most renowned battery brands we carry include Yuasa, Nordmax, Optima, and Varta. The majority of the products represented by Akkupojat Oy are available immediately from our stock.

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Car battery service, free battery testing


In our stores, we offer you:

  • Free car battery testing
  • Battery change without booking
  • Seasonal battery storage
  • Battery cell reconditioning
  • Battery recycling at no charge

We also offer chargers, jump starters, solar panels and accessories, batteries and battery packs, as well as tool batteries.
We want to serve you or your company in all matters related to batteries!

Welcome to your nearest Akkupojat store!


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Why choose Akkupojat?

We are here to serve you or your company in all matters related to batteries. We guarantee high-quality products at competitive prices.

Our extensive experience, solid expertise, and long-lasting relationships with customers and partners have contributed to the trust placed in the products and services represented by Akkupojat Oy throughout Finland.

In addition to our wide range of batteries, our services include battery installation and free testing. If needed, we can also come to your home to jumpstart your vehicle if the battery unexpectedly runs out. We provide guidance on battery maintenance and winter storage, and we can store seasonal batteries in our shop to ensure they are ready for the next season.

Properly recycling batteries at the end of their life cycle is crucial to prevent substances from entering the environment. Akkupojat serve as a collection point for old batteries, and you can bring in a battery for recycling even if you don't purchase a new one from us.


Akkupojat Oy is a part of the international OEM Group, following a business acquisition in 2012. OEM International is one of Europe's leading technical trading companies, comprising 34 units and operating in 14 different countries. The group functions as a manufacturer's sales organization, promoting technical components and systems to manufacturing and design industries.

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